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Grandma’s Roots?


Hello and welcome to our blog! Let me start off by saying…I am not a writer! I never have been and I probably won’t ever be because I write how I talk. 🙂 I’m all about being real, not perfect! That is precisely what this blog is about. Real. Real food. Real life. Real experiences. My sister and I have been on a journey that we feel many people could relate to or benefit from…or both! Our journey has been about getting back to “Grandmas Roots”, the way life was when people farmed, made their own soaps, clothes, food, etc… Obviously life is quite a bit different now considering I’m currently typing on an ipad and posting it on the internet for millions of people to access. 😉 But the idea is the same. We are passionate about doing it ourselves, keeping it clean and homemade (as much as possible), and finding more organic and natural ways of doing things. We will be posting about a variety of topics. Everything from PCOS to refurbishing and remodeling. From the incredible uses of essential oils to gluten/dairy/sugar cane free recipes. And everything in between! Including raising kids in this day and age with these principles!! We are very excited to share our knowledge and experiences with you, as well as welcome you to join us on our journey! Our hope is that your life will be changed for the better! However, one very important requirement for joining us: you must be able to laugh at…er, I mean with us. 😉

Welcome to Grandma’s Roots!