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Who is Nerdyhomemaker?

Howdy! Welcome to our site! I am a current college student in a graduate program and when I am not doing that I am always trying to find new healthy ways to improve our lives! I am married to an awesome guy! He brings out the nerdyness in me that I now embrace :). We have a dog named Sue who thinks she is a human and a cat named Bear who thinks he is a dog, they supply me with endless hours of entertainment! I was diagnosed with PCOS at age 11 and subsequently put on birth control from age 11 to 22! After I got married I decided I wanted to see how my body worked without birth control so we could eventually have children when the time was right. I have then spent the last year trying to find a natural way to deal with my PCOS! I hope to share with you my trials and errors! Welcome to my path!


Who is Crunchymama0402?

Hi! I am a mommy of 2 amaaazing children, wife to the funniest guy I know, an “involved, hippie daughter” to great parents that are slowly “seeing the light” ;), a sister to some awesome girls, and a lover. of. Jesus! Having children really sent my love of health into overdrive but its only been in the last few years that I have really learned about just what is actually in our foods, medicines, cleaning products, beauty products, etc… My husband and I watched Food Inc. and that was our mega turning point! We started with food and expanded from there. Its amazing how much your life and body changes when the chemicals are cut out! Welcome to my/our journey! 🙂