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For me personally stress is a huge deal that I struggle with daily!! If my stress is not managed properly I tend to get overwhelmed really easily and freak out. How many times in our culture have we heard from doctors about how bad stress is? But do many people actually heed the warnings and try to lessen their stress? I can’t actually answer that question for society as a whole. I can only answer it for myself. For a long time I didn’t lessen the stress. It just kept building and building until one day the dam broke. I was left with essentially a nervous breakdown. I had to leave college and go stay with my Aunt for a few months. I am so thankful for the time I had there and for my family and friends who helped me through that very difficult time. To be honest, nothing has ever been the same since then, I have never returned to that person I was. I don’t take on as much stuff at a time, which is a blessing. I had to learn my limits. And thankfully I very much learned during that time in my life that failure is okay and is a natural part of life. A big thank you to my aunt for helping me to see that and encouraging me to try again. But this isn’t a post about failure, its about stress that can lead to failure.

Stress can not only lead to failure if you have to much, but it can also cause physical illness that can become quite serious. Some of these illnesses include heart disease, asthma, diabetes, GERD, IBS, PCOS, depression, sleep issues, and many many more illnesses. I personally have suffered with many of these for quite some time and others in my family suffer from others. The main one that I have been working on dealing with is PCOS.

PCOS plays a factor in stress levels. It’s almost a viscous cycle stress begets PCOS which begets more stress. Many people believe that extra cortisol produced from stress brings on Insulin Resistance, which is believed to be a key factor in PCOS. This is because all of the hormones are connected and when one is out of balance the others obviously cannot be in balance. Having higher levels of cortisol in the body causes more testosterone to be made due to a basic flight or fight response by the body. The higher testosterone in females leads to PCOS and Insulin resistance. Due to this it is important for me to take care of myself and have some good natural ways to take care of stress. Below is a list of items that naturally help with over stressing.

Ways to naturally deal with stress:

Peppermint Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

Serenity Essential Oil Blend

Meditate/ Pray

Go for a walk with my dog barefoot

Hug someone

Distract yourself

Take a bath

Read a good book

Perspective- is it really THAT bad/big of a deal, can you change what you are stressing about right this minute? If you have ideas about ways to fix your problem, write them down.

Trust- trust that the situation will work out.

Don’t just make a to do list, scratch things off that list so you feel more accomplished.


There are many others that can be a great help, this is just a short list. The important take away from this is to find something that helps alleviate your stress, it may be a different thing for each person and it may take time. But with the potential illnesses that can be caused by stress isn’t finding a natural, healthy way to combat it worth it?


Dairy Free Alfredo Sauce


I am SO excited about this recipe! It has been AGES since the last time I had Alfredo sauce! I had a craving for it so I did some searching. I found this recipe and I started getting some ideas haha! I’ve made this twice now, last night being the second time. The first time I was just sort of flying by the seat of my pants haha! I am THRILLED to report that my oldest, who is VERY picky about his flavors, said, “This is so good you will faint the first time you try it!” and he said it both times he had it. I think it’s safe to say that it is really good! What you need to do right now is go get a can (yes a can) of coconut milk and put it in the fridge. The cream separates and sits right on top and is super easy to just scoop right out! Refrigerating overnight is best.

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